CLIS 2014

Hitesh Pandey

Enrollment No : ICL2014002
Area of Interest : Information Security, Computer Networks, Network Security
Contact no : +91-7052302892
Email :

Ashish Gimekar

Enrollment No : ICL2014003
Area of Interest : Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Development,
Network Security, Cyber Forensics
Contact no : +91-9773048508
Email :

Surender Singh

Enrollment No : ICL2014006
Area of Interest : PCI-DSS, VAPT, Network Security, Networking, Privacy Laws, Identity and Access Management, Risk Assessment, Cryptography
Contact no : +91-9729649079
Email :

Anurag Shandilya

Enrollment No : ICL2014007
Area of Interest : Cryptography, Network Security, Data structure and Algorithms, Programming, Malware Analysis, Identity and Access Management
Contact no : +91-7571080826
Email :

Vicky Bajoria

Enrollment No : ICL2014008
Area of Interest : Network security, DBMS, Information security, Cryptography
Contact no : +91-7071613371
Email :

Munendra Pandey

Enrollment No : ICL2014009
Area of Interest : Network Security, Risk Assessment and Management, Cyber Forensics and Digital Evidences, Cryptography
Contact no : +91-8874832100
Email :

pradeep jaiswal

Enrollment No : ICL2014010
Area of Interest : Computer Network, DBMS, Cryptography, Network Security, PCI-DSS, ISA
Contact no : +91-9455693336
Email :

Harish Krishnan

Enrollment No : ICL2014012
Area of Interest : Cryptography, Network Security, Operating System and Application Security, Malware Analysis, Security Audit and Compliance, Computer and Cyber Forensics
Contact no : +91-9169745242
Email :

ajay arya

Enrollment No : ICL2014013
Area of Interest : Programming and Data Structures, ISMS (Information Security Management System), Networking, Vulnerability Assessment
Contact no : +91-9795036666
Email :

Pravin Munde

Enrollment No : PCL2014001
Area of Interest : Network Security, Information Security Audit, Database Security, Risk Assessment and Management
Contact no : +91-9795255645
Email :


Enrollment No : PCL2014002
Area of Interest : Cryptography, Computer Networks, Network security
Contact no : +91-7549803486
Email :


Enrollment No : PCL2014003
Area of Interest : Network security
Contact no : +91-7275002166
Email :

Nitish Andola

Enrollment No : PCL2014004
Area of Interest : Cryptography
Contact no : +91-7571080817
Email :